My ELEV8 – Bepic Experience

CAUTION – MY longest post in— Ummm— EVER!!!!!
I have been in the marketing industry for alot of years. I have had some success but I have been burned bad by multiple companies, which caused me to invest in one, but not fully have faith in it and the slightest bit of integrity questioned by the company made me say “Arrivederci! “.

But it also made me fully investigate ANYTHING that was “pitched” to me.

As well as living in a sketchy town where embezzlement and screwing over your “so called friends and neighbors” is a norm, makes you really question EVERYTHING. I have become an awesome investigator …. believe me. I can dig up dirt on anyone. Just kidding…or am I? :/ 😀 😛 (enter —- evil laugh)
But Seriously, I joined this company at launch, sitting back waiting because I have joined other companies at launch and have been extremely disappointed and out of money.

BUT, sitting back at pre-launch to actual launch to out of beta….with this company I have been involved in since PRE-LAUNCH has kept every promise, from having websites by a certain date, to having product ready. All delivered on time or earlier.

I mean a lot of us know about certain companies that promised a ton of promises and never launched or the product quality was extremely questionable, what a joke right?… or some of those cash cycling systems….. ummm….yeah…. ok. :/

Not only is this company over delivering on their promises…BUT…they are over delivering on their PRODUCT.
They made a product to be a once a day pill to take for fatigue, natural energy, boost memory and focus, reduse stress and strengthen immunity.

I say with a big “BUT” because it is so new we are seeing other amazing benefits. People are reporting huge amounts of weight loss, lessened depression and anxiety, lower glucose levels, narcolepsy problems, lowered cortisol that helps fight thyroid issues, better cardiovascular health, better sleep, appetite reduction and more muscle build up while working out. It is a product that is really changing lives.

Helping people reduce the amount of prescriptions they take, the amount of vitamins and supplements they take, as well as the amount of coffee and energy drinks they drink……which means MORE money in their pocket…right? Awesome…

Why would I not be recommending to everyone especially from the benefits I am experiencing. Between my having way more focus, having more energy to clean and organize my home, a more positive mood around my family, sleeping better and not to mention the 35 pounds weight loss I have experienced. Yeah I said it…FINALLY…I have been hiding out, due to medical issues and prescription meds I gained weight. And alot of it. I have been extremely embarrassed depressed and hid out, stopped doing my videos and talking to people. I secluded my self. But since Christmas I lost 45 pounds. I am back to the weight before the meds and health issues but still have more to loose because it is something I was working on before. I am usually not a vein person but someone trying to put myself out there and do attraction marketing I just did not feel comfortable in front of the camera. It did not look like ME. So I disconnected, took it extremely personal. Thinking no one would listen to a fat girl….But I am convinced now the reduction in medication, the reduction in herbal and vitamin supplements, my weight loss, my energy, my ability to focus and get things done are all due to ELEV8.

AND even more proof…look at the size of this post, tell me it is NOT helping my focus and creativity. 🙂

Oh yeah….see that girl in the photo below with me, I have been giving her half a dose in the morning the past few weeks for testing… she says she has been able to focus during the tests and just feels real positive through out the day. We all know how moody 13 year olds can be right? / Yikes…
SO Why not give it a try and see for yourselves? It’s worth a try, right? … With a 30 day money back guarantee there is NOTHING to lose.

So give it a try NOW….. Ok I know NOW is impossible because you have to order, then wait for it to arrive then finally get to experience the awsomeness of ELEV8.

So ORDER NOW so you can start as soon as possible. I promise you will not regret it.
Click here. and GET IT!!! 😛 😀 –>

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