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Bring Out The BEST In YOU

  • Are you stuck in a rut?
  • Feeling sluggish and foggy?
  • A bit grumpy or distracted?

The last thing you need is more sugar and synthetic caffeine. Energy drinks typically combine extremely high doses of sugar and caffeine with other chemicals that inevitably lead to a crash, brain fog, and fatigue not to mention a host of other problems including weight gain, sleep deprivation, inflammation, Type II diabetes, and poor health.

That’s why at B-Epic we created ELEV8 – an advanced energy and recovery product that synthesizes modern extract technology with ancient medicinal secrets to support your ability to perform at a very high level.

Boost Your Body and Mind Naturally

Unlike other so-called nutritional products that are loaded with synthetic, man-made chemicals that cannot be assimilated by the body, ELEV8 is completely natural.

ELEV8 is created from the world’s most pure whole food, herbal, and medicinal mushroom extracts in order to give your body a daily boost of energy, endurance, healing, and overall feeling of well-being.

Using modern extract technology, several pounds of real, whole food are concentrated into powerful extracts to fill each and every capsule of ELEV8.

ELEV8 is packed with three potent blends that boost your body and mind naturally:

  • Adaptogen Super Blend
  • Nature’s Energy & Clarity Blend
  • Whole Food Nutrient Blend

Adaptogen Super Blend

At the core of ELEV8 is a powerful adaptogenic formula that blends ancient Tibetan, Russian, and Chinese medicine together in a way that amplifies your body and mind. Plus, fortify your immune system as well as your body’s natural ability to resist the damaging effects of stress and improve oxygen utilization.

Rhodiola Rosea – Siberians commonly state that people who drink Rhodiola tea live to be more than 100. Rhodiola Rosea acts like a hormone thermostat, especially as it pertains to cortisol, one of our main stress hormones. It literally helps balance the cortisol level in your body, raising or lowering it as needed. What’s more, it has demonstrated a remarkable ability to support cellular energy metabolism. It positively affects brain function, depression, and heart health.

Ganoderma (also known as Gano) – Gano is referred to as the “Wonder Herb”. It is truly a super herb as it rapidly oxygenates your body and automatically adjusts your pH to a healthy balance at the cellular level. Gano is backed with evidenced-based documented research showing it reduces cholesterol levels and eases allergy-related inflammation of the airway.

Bacopa Monnieri – For centuries Ayurvedic medicine has touted the cognitive enhancing effects of Bacopa Monnieri. Studies show that it has strong antioxidant properties and that it protects mental function in those with epilepsy who take the drug phenytoin. It is also used by people to help with backache, joint pain, and sexual performance problems.

Cordyceps – This rare and exotic medicinal mushroom is found only on the high Himalayan Plateau. For two thousand years, it has been ingested by Tibetan mountain herdsmen to combat fatigue, boost vigor, and sustain energy in the extremely high altitude. The active ingredients in Cordyceps are adenosine and cordycepic acid, and together with an abundance of phytonutrients, Cordyceps has been shown in studies to increase oxygen utilization, aerobic capacity, and cellular energy.

Chaga – Known as the King of the Medicinal Mushrooms, the Siberian Chaga Mushroom contains over 215 phytonutrients and glyconutrients including Betulinic Acid, Polysaccharides, Beta Glucans, Triterpenes, and Melanin. Chaga helps boosts the immune system when necessary, but also helps slow it down when it’s overactive. The bio-active fungal polysaccharides and beta glucans in Chaga have been shown to stimulate the production of killer T and B cells directly.

Nature’s Energy & Clarity Blend

Naturally increase energy levels, destroy fatigue, enhance focus and clarity, and boost your performance…all without the uncomfortable jitters, headaches, and other negative cognitive, emotional, and physical side effects you get from energy drinks. As the fog clears from your brain and the natural calm energy flows through your system, your body and mind will feel rejuvenated and revitalized.

Natural caffeine from green coffee bean extract. Less caffeine. More chlorogenic acid.

Guarana has been repeatedly shown – through clinical studies – to improve memory and alertness as well as mood.

Yerba mate is well-known for providing an energy boost that is gentle, clean, and calm.

L-theanine is a relaxing but not sedating amino acid that is synergistic with stimulants such as caffeine as it can “take the edge off”.

Niacinamide is readily converted to an enzyme called NADH that is needed for metabolism and energy production.

Whole Food Nutrient Blend

Our Whole Food Nutrition Blend is made from real fruits and vegetables with known health-supporting, nutrition-rich properties: Spinach, broccoli, carrot, beet, tomato, shitake mushroom, apple, cranberry, pomegranate, orange, grape, and strawberry.

These whole food concentrates provide the proper balance for your body. It is packed with natural organic compounds that are essential for proper health but are missing from our diets.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


My husband’s mom has suffered with “Social Anxiety” for years and is medicated for it. She feels my husband has it too, and she has urged him to get help through medication. But he hasn’t wanted to talk to anyone about it, let alone get a prescription. He’s super prideful and private. (Shocking because he’s a successful roofing sales man)

Last Friday we completely ran out of ELEV8 in our house because I handed out so many samples. Saturday life for my husband without ELEV8 was hard. Sunday was TOUGH!!! Monday for him was UNBEARABLE!! He wanted to tell his boss he was done being the manager over his office sales team. (A promotion with his company he was given 2 months ago.) I told him on Monday “Hang on! ELEV8 is arriving today. Don’t quit your position.”

ELEV8 has changed his whole outlook on life, functioning with people and pressures. He is actually the reason I found B-Epic, because he was dependent on energy drinks and things to function in life. So I was looking for a natural solution. BUT the social aspect was NEVER better for him with those nasty and unhealthy drinks!!! He doesn’t have weight to loose, but his weight in life has been his social anxiety, how stress impacts him mentally and how these challenges impact his functionality in life and even how it impacts our home life. Having a social wife when your NOT social in crowds isn’t easy. When we lived in Florida I was well known in our community. He hated going places with me because people knew me, and I would run into people everywhere. He hated people knowing me, because he felt it brought attention to him too, and he didn’t want attention on him. He doesn’t like being on social media either. When someone suffers with these challenges, it bleeds into other areas of life that people don’t realize. Many of them only known at home.

Anyway….our txt is somewhat comical, but he’s also being very serious what he says here. I’ve just learned to pull him along and push him through some discomfort zones for his life. But what an AMAZING difference ELEV8 has made in his life!!!!!! We won’t run out…..EVER AGAIN!!! We can’t afford it!!!

A. Hommond

Not only did ELEV8 give me energy, but I also have an auto immune deficiency and it alleviated my symptoms. I wasn’t as congested and achy. I would definitely buy this supplement and recommend it to others.

J. Rangel

I really liked your product! I used it the three days as directed and didn’t drink any coffee, tea etc. I really liked how it have me a calm energy but lasted almost all day. I took it first thing in the morning with breakfast and didn’t start to feel tired until around 5 which was awesome because usually my kids have me worn out at around 2pm and I end up making more coffee just to push through the rest of the day. I also really liked the ingredients. It’s nice to use a product that you can trust that doesn’t contain a bunch of chemicals!

S. Freeman

I made sure that I kept as much the same during the three days to rule out as many variables as possible. Eating, sleeping, rest, etc. The 8 hr race on day 4 was supposed to be a warm up for the rest of the year I ended up getting first place overall with my team mate but woke up really sore the next day. Back and hamstrings especially. I was really tight and sore but loosened up as the day progressed. The second day is usually worse so I had prepared myself for a pretty bad day but woke up with almost no soreness and just a little stiffness which wore off quickly as I did my long hill workout. I have a lot of experience with being sore and how my body reacts to pushing the limits. The only thing that I intentionally changed was taking the three doses of pills you gave me. If they are the reason for the change then it’s worth every penny.

J. Tubb

Well y’all after 2 weeks, I still sleep great, wake up engerized, those girly mood swings are outta here ( I know the boys in my life are happy about that) 🙃, appetite suppressed, 13 lbs down, over 10 inches of fat shaved off. Feeling the best I have in years! Im sure y’all are tired of my posts by now, but with results like these.. they are not stopping anytime soon. We could all use some kind of self improvement. Join me! and we can do it together.

A. Rainey

I felt great and no jitters . I was shocked that I didn’t feel all wired on them. I felt normal but with energy. And I slept at night… and curved my appetite.

J. Welch

I am on day 2 I feel that and I have had sh!tloads of energy yesterday and thanks for mentioning the clarity thing because I am working on taxes and I have been able to stay focused…which normally would not be there when doing something I don’t want to do.

J. Tanzi